Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie Review: Rogue One

Rogue One. Enjoyable movie with lots of action, a cool space battle and a gigantic Star Wars stamp on it sans the rolling script in the beginning. My guess is that they dropped it because it doesn't have Roman numerals in its title.

Don't get me wrong, I had a good time watching the movie. It reminded me of all things Star Wars; rebels dashing off here and there to find plans or people, the self-sacrificing mentor, the orphaned hero/heroine, the brave pilot, the funny robot, and a character saying that they've "got a bad feeling about this." Oh and wait, let's not forget the desperate hologram message. I guess I'm just a bit sad that it really is a filler. While I'm definitely a fan of the Zatoichi-like Asian man with a stick, it doesn't do anything new  -- unless Jyn looks kind of like Rey for a reason. Hah.

I think that it was a good movie and I especially appreciate the cinematography. Yes, I go geeky over stuff like that. I went as far as to read up on the lenses used for this particular movie. I'm not quite sure if sitting on the first row in a small cinema had anything to do with my fascination with the colors. They were old school and definitely brings you right back to the first three movies (OK fine maybe the others, too). All in all, the marriage of old techniques and the new produced to what is to me, a visually stunning film. Suspension of disbelief as always is a factor in enjoying movies but it doesn't hurt in this day and age of technology to have digital expertise be evident on screen.

It being a filler, I suppose there's no point in saying that it was predictable. In truth, I no longer always think that predictability is necessarily a bad thing. We know that people will die, an unlikely group of characters will trust and work together, and that someone will fall in love with the heroine; but that's what makes it an entertaining movie that is at the same time real and relatable.