Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Can one be enough?

I struggle with owning only one of something. I have three phones, two speakers, three pillows, three sets of beddings, four pairs of work shoes, seven bottles of lotion/tub of body butter, five kimono dresses, two backpacks for everyday use... The list goes on and on.

About two months ago, I read this article about the joys of having just one of things. Of course, I don't mean for everything. Obviously, I'd still need multiples of underwear and clothes but I can see the point of having one of certain things. If I had one of something:
1. I'd take better care of it
2. I'd be able to use ALL of my possessions
3. I might be able to afford higher quality items
4. There would be an increase in intentionality in my purchases

However, I worry about replacing things. Where I live, I can't just walk up to a store and expect to get the things I want when I want them. Re-stocking items is not a thing and ordering online takes months and a lot of money. Someday, maybe I'll live somewhere where most things I think I need to have doubles of will be 20 minutes away and under $20. For the next six months? Definitely not.

I do know that I need to keep cutting down on duplicates and multiples though. I can't use the same excuse over and over again. All the same, I need to know which battles to fight and when the quest for minimalism can become too much or too impractical. I have allergies and replacing my beddings help. I don't want to keep running the wash when I don't have a full load. Also, part of my identity is - I have things for "just in case." I'm willing to share and give away, so, I do need things to share and give away. 

Moving forward, I'll just re-think my purchases and make sure I'm not buying something I already have and don't need a duplicate of. At the end of the year, culling items I don't need will be easy once I pack up.