Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All you need is a bit of Angela Sunshine

It makes me happy to know that I've brought positivity in other people's lives. Over the past year, I've been told countless times of how much I'm missed---because of my smile, my (dirty) sense of humor, my cheerfulness and the dose of sunshine I apparently doled out unconditionally at work and to friends. Thank you for letting me know. It's that quadrant in my Johari window that's still a tad cloudy.

People who met me last year and became acquainted to the ^famed?^ but diluted Angela Sunshine, I'm glad you can still see my best side.

I was at my lowest point two years ago: I despaired of people not wanting to hang out with me or starting to avoid talking to me because of what I viewed as a vast change in my personality. While I regret to tell you (those who knew me then) that I'll never get that Angela back, present day Angela is just as good and as fun as she used to be. Perhaps better. Or trying. Being. 

"We don't really change. We become more of who we truly are."
 ---sorry I forgot who wrote this and I'm too lazy to google it