Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 Things I'm Missing Right Now

For the past week or so, I've been feeling a bit homesick. While it's a given that I miss my family and friends, I think a few things should also be mentioned:

1. Dirty ice cream
***sorbetes or ice cream sold on the streets in the Philippines. There's nothing quite like it, not even salted caramel chocolate cake, a quart of Snickers ice cream, or a brownie from a local cafe can make up for it.
2. Vietnamese street food
***anyone who has been to Nam gets this (except perhaps my mom). I miss the plastic chairs, beer with ice, tra da (ice tea), pointing at menus because I can't get the tone right, and muoi tieu (salt & pepper) with lime.
**seafood night with the Brogans 
3. Yoko and all the other bars with live music --- usually with bands composed of my friends
4. Malate and the gay clubs
***eye candy (I don't care if they're on my team) who smell and look good, dance well and give me compliments on what I'm wearing.
**music and general ambiance
5. Adobo, pandesal, polvoron and my dad's cooking 
6. Good movies, film festivals 
***my movie buddies and late dinners
7. Taxi meters
8. Riding Steve the scooter, I even miss my toi yeu Viet Nam helmet
9. Filipino songs that have double meanings
10. Speaking Vietnamese even though I suck at it