Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hello again. Happy new year. And I'm back. A lot of things have happened and I'll write about them when I can. For now, I have something on my mind. A note I wrote a while back but didn't get to finish.

I lost a phone a few months ago. An old Nokia fliptop that was my dad's from years ago. It had lived a good life and had served me well the past few months before that. Losing it didn't bother me not just because of that but other reasons, too. One of them being that I wasn't worried about the contact numbers. All the important ones, I still had them. All the important ones, will get in touch if they wanted to. 

Moving to Africa and starting anew, I have lost more than a phone. More than the clothes and things I decided to leave behind. But it's ok, I'm ok. The important ones, are with me or will find me.